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Part-Time Anatomy and Physiology Instructor

Posted: 01/09/2022

Location: Adult Education
Description: Classroom instruction of Anatomy and Physiology, Medical Terminology, Kinesiology and Pathology related to Massage Therapy in a team environment. Must have desire to teach and a love of learning. Must be professional and ethical regarding classroom behaviors and student/teacher relationship.
Qualifications/Licensure: Bachelor's degree in a related field such as medical, healthcare, educator, humanities required. Teaching and Clinic experience
Communication skills: Must be able to communicate verbally and in writing with clear, grammatically correct English. Requires interaction with supervisors, colleagues, students, alumni, advisory committee members, business partners and the public.
Computer skills: Must have experience in Microsoft Office (MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel), as well as e-mail and Internet, or be trainable.

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