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Edington Family Fitness

Edington Family Fitness


About Us

Coach Shellie’s unique programming combines a dynamic warm up, strength development, high intensity intervals, varied exercise and functional fitness for an efficient total body workout. No matter where you are, at your home, hotel or gym, you can trust EFF to deliver an effective group workout experience under the watchful eye of Coach Shellie and EFF selected coaches. All classes are streamed live and available on demand - in person and small group training is coming Spring 2022 to the Granville area.

Coach Shellie’s fitness class begins with a dynamic warm up that gets you ready to move, followed by strength development to build a strong foundation. Weights are not required, but are encouraged. If you have dumbbells, kettlebells, a barbell with some plates, or just a backpack filled with books Shellie can make it work! Next, we have the workout that is a varying combination of high, relative and low intensity intervals focusing on functional fitness.

Functional Fitness Class
Coach Shellie demonstrates all movements and modifications for various fitness levels. She will work out along with you so you stay on track and view her moving properly and with intent. Coach Shellie will occasionally spotlight athletes so she can have her eyes on you to ensure you are moving well, or make proper corrections if needed.

Get Up & Go!
Feel like you have no time? No equipment? No problem! All you need is YOU. Coach Shellie provides a dynamic warm up and workout with multiple bodyweight movements that target your core and cardiovascular strength.


Become the very best version of yourself!

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