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Ice Cream or Frozen CustardRestaurant

About Us

At Knuckleheads you'll eat the best burgers in town, and real milk is used to make your ice cream. Our specialties include fried
food, hot sandwiches, and ice cream which are all made from scratch with quality ingredients. Knuckleheads has a great family atmosphere and was established in Granville, Ohio in the 1960s, making it a staple of the town.


Classic Burger with Onion Rings!
Pub Burger with Mozzarella Sticks!
Cheeseburger with Bacon, and Jalapeno Poppers!
Fried Fish Sammie with Munchers!
BLT with Fried Zucchini & a Milkshake!
Our Reuben with Signature Sauce and Milkshakes!
Ham & Cheese Sammie with Fries!
Shredded Chicken Sandwich (Knuckleheads Original Recipe) and Fries!
Sloppy Joe with Fries & a Milkshake!
Grilled Chicken Sammie with Fries!
Footlong Hot Dog with Fries and a Fountain Drink!
Pulled Pork Sammie & Fries!
Hot dogs & Fries! We also have Coney Dogs & Joe (Sloppy Joe) Dogs!
Maple Dogs are a specialty Item here at Knuckleheads, made with real Maple Syrup from our maple farm!
Just a few of our Milkshake Flavors!
Milkshakes upon Milkshakes! We have 32 flavors total!
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Gallery Image IMG_6880.jpg
Gallery Image IMG_6890.jpg
Turtle Sundae, yum!
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Gallery Image IMG_6876.jpg
Gallery Image IMG_6544.jpg
Gallery Image IMG_6563.jpg
Gallery Image IMG_6610.jpg
Gallery Image IMG_6600.jpg
Pizza burger & Mozzarella Sticks!
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Gallery Image IMG_6689.jpg
Gallery Image IMG_7078.jpg
Fried Chicken Sammie!
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Gallery Image IMG_7118.jpg
Gallery Image IMG_6802.jpg
Gallery Image IMG_7247.jpg
Grilled Cheese With Fries!
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